Tail Jar

Jasper St Aubyn West


What an epic little month May has been. I just got back from an awesome trip up to Brisbane for The Design Conference by Analogue Digital Agency. I animated the opening titles this year with my mate Ricky Marks and design elements/art direction by the great Spenceroni (who's aesthetic covered across the entire event this year).

Always an inspiring event, this year was a real mind melter. All of the speakers did an excellent job and each one gave me something to think about/take away from the experience. Rounding out with a talk by one of my all-time personal favourites, Todd Francis. What a legend...

I didn't get anywhere as much drawing in as I had hoped during the trip but I did manage to swap out the designs on my apparel store. This batch draws heavily from my monster series but there is also a brand new Grumpy Banana piece almost finished which will hopefully go up on the weekend so keep an eye out...

*Update: I also forgot to mention, Lost At E Minor put up a nice little interview I did with them a few days back. Check it out HERE if you're interested!