Tail Jar

Jasper St Aubyn West


I've made the commitment to doing another month of everydays. A slight variant on the Inktober phenomenon. The plan is to do a monster, horror or Halloween themed piece everyday for the month of October... (Shocktober?) and post them up on Instagram. 

I'm not going to do every piece as traditional inks on paper but on the days that I have enough time I'll be trying to fit in a few ink/watercolour pieces for my "Classic Monsters" series (& also try to remember to film the process). The series is my take on some classic monster themes, the above being an "Alien Parasite" titled: "Muse".

It's not easy... I find I inevitably start to run out of enthusiasm (or ideas) at some point in the process but it can be a really rewarding challenge. Jake Parker (the guy responsible for Inktober) makes some really good points about what can happen when you stretch your creativity and the interesting connections/ideas that can come out of having to dig a little deeper to come up with something everyday.

I'd strongly recommend giving it a try sometime. Wish me luck.