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Jasper St Aubyn West

The Design Conference 2017

Ricky Marks and I once again had the pleasure/privilege of putting together the main title sequence for The Design Conference by Analogue Digital Agency in Brisbane last month.  

It's a world class event packed with insanely talented and inspirational national and international speakers... I was also lucky enough to host a breakout workshop for the legends at Wacom, showing off some of their incredible new devices and talking about my process. 

This year we had key artwork designed by the brilliant Jonathan Calugi (a design conference alumni) so Ricky and I took inspiration from these designs and animated variety of Calugi characters/patterns that were then projected onto walls/surfaces in and around the Brisbane Powerhouse and Greaser Bar (locations of the event & after parties). Those projections were then filmed and pieced together to form the sequence. A huge thank you/shout out to the guys that helped out with the shoot: Tobias Broughton & Brendan Watterson.

Now that I'm back, I'm putting some serious work into a pretty huge and very exciting animation project (which I'm itching to start talking about soon...) as well as trying to spend as much time on the end of a paintbrush as possible.

On the days that I'm in the studio I'm trying to maintain the discipline of starting 15/20mins earlier in the morning and busting out a quick - straight to ink, stream of consciousness illustration just to get the day started right and warm up the drawing hand... It's nice to get started with something purely creative and without any restrictions.

On top of that I'm hoping to get back to some overdue commissions, some commissioned covers and an upcoming mural project... Oh, and an illustrated storybook I've had on the back burner for way too long. So should be enough to keep busy for the next little while!

I'm also going to try and utilise this blog a bit more and get some content up more regularly...

Anyway - be rad to each other - cheers!