Tail Jar



I've finally had a small break from other work to get the ol' shoppe reorganised. Couple of new designs up now and a few more to follow over the next week or so. A handful of the older designs are still on sale (until Sunday 10th of September 2017) so check it out if you're looking for something to spice up your t-shirt collection...

There's also some groovy travel mug/keep cup (?) dudes available... Did you know take away coffee cups are the second-largest contributor to landfill/waste? (after plastic drink bottles).

These stylish travel mugs will keep your coffee hot or your tasty banana smoothie chilled. 

Coffee = Good. Take-away cups with plastic linings that are single use, don't biodegrade and will smother the planet in microplastics for eternity = Bad.

Right - shameless commercial plug/environmental PSA done!

Be rad to each other. 

(* I am aware that the lid of these groovy thermo travel mugs is also made out of plastic but the idea is you'll use it more than once right?)