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“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

I like this quote, a lot. If you think of imagination or creativity as a muscle then it makes sense to exercise and stretch that mysterious part of our grey matter as often as possible…

With the plethora of social media platforms becoming the primary place where creative work is discovered and commissioned it seems like “the personal website” for creative types has largely been reduced to an online portfolio/resume and in a lot of cases, become virtually redundant (pun wasn’t intended… but I like it).

So, in an effort to do something a little more interesting (for myself & hopefully others) I’ve decided to use my little slice of the interwebs to not only host some of my work - but also as a place to record the many creative experiments and exercises I employ, attempt or discover in my travels. In the hope that it not only serves me as a reference or record but also that it might also serve others as a resource of sorts.

(I’m always researching/trying new techniques, thought experiments, creative challenges etc… the plan is to record the more interesting examples of them here - along with other inspiring bits and pieces, interviews etc).

I don’t claim to be the leading expert or a source of infallible knowledge on the subject. But, the exploration of and quest to better understand creativity and the imagination has been and will continue to be my lifelong pursuit. It is after all, what’s helped humanity survive and what keeps us moving forward.

The possibility of creating something. Whether fiercely impactful on a massive scale or gently calming to just a single person is largely what motivates me every day.

I hope you find something useful on your journey through the jar.