A few years back I got into the habit of carying a small business card holder full of random eyes and facial features drawn on card around with me… A bit of blu-tack and some imagination led to the discovery of some amusing characters.

I find it fascinating, that with such minimal effort you can imbue so much character and personality into inanimate objects… Put some eyes on it and just about anything can become a puppet.


I used to love scribbling on magazines and newspapers, giving celebrities and politicians tattoos, black eyes and so on… great fun.

Recently I was midway through one of my regular “I’m going to give minimalism a shot” purges of superfluous junk in my studio and when faced with turfing a pile of old magazines I had the inspiration to revisit the idea and see if I could take it a little further.

So I hacked out a few beautiful people from full some page ads and proceeded to administer a full ink and gouache makeover to a stack of them.

Some time-lapse videos of the results below:

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s still a whole lot of fun… so much so that I’ll probably keep it as a semi-regular warm up routine.